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Overcome What Is Stopping You. We Will Get Your Channel Monetized In 14 Days Even If You Don't Know What To Talk About Yet

What You Get

We Will Fire You Up To Get Started As Soon As We Hand over To You

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FREE 5 Videos

We will do 5 videos of 10mins+ and add them to your channel.

Channel Optimization

Your Channel will be optimized and position to your chosen niche

FREE 1000 Subscribers

You will get your 1000 subscribers need to get you monetized.

FREE 4000 Watch Hours Guaranteed

We will get your subscribers to give you the 4000 watch hours needed to have monetized.

Channel branding

You will share your concepts and we will translate them to reality visually.

FREE Tubebuddy ONE Month Subscription

We get you start off as soon as we handover to you. This software helps you in research .

How It Works

Our Process

This is how we make your dream of having a monetized YouTube channel comes true.

  • Step 1: Your Plan

    You share what is going on your head right now. Take a short survey to share your Killer plan(what you want achieve) with us.

  • Step 2: Get Your Channel Set Up

    We switch to work instantly after step 1. Set up and Optimize your channel, Get your videos and upload them. We only do NON-Appearance videos.

  • Step 3: We Drive Traffic To Your Channel

    We focus on getting your channel meet YouTube standard of monetization. It is achieved in Less than14 Days Guaranteed. Then, you apply for monetization and start rocking it on YOUTUBE

  • Step 4: Hit Your First $1,000 In 30 days

    You have access to ongoing support for 30 days after monetization where we show you how to hit Your First $1,000

    HoT bonuses for action takers valued at $8,973

    1. FREE Access To Our premium Youtube Archived Courses = $4,779:

    How to make your videos go viral = $679

    Everything you need to know on getting any video on youtube go viral.

    FREE Video Editing Courses = $1,316

    Learn 3 Different video editing software (adobe premier included) from A-Z

    How To outsource your video editing jobs without headaches= $490

    if you dont want to edit, then outsource. This shows you how.

    How to Find high paying keywords = $367

    Not every video pays. find what pays you very huge here

    How to keep people coming back to watch your video = $490

    Find out how do it here. No blah blah blah

    How to make videos without showing your face = $297

    If you are shy like me, then this is for you. join our league here

    How to handle Youtube strikes on your channels= $350

    if you have issue with your channel, what do you do? this is very handy for that

    How to make your first $1000 30 days after monetization= $790

    We will take you by hand and show you the money. I trust you will deliver this goal

    Unannounced bonus = priceless

    We cant wait to see you grab this bonus

    2. Tools = $534

    Get 10 FREE Quality and Eye-catching thumbnails =$295

    Just call us, we will design any thumbnail of your choice at no cost on you for next 10 videos

    Get FREE 800+ Youtube channel Pack = $190

    this is what you use to GLUE your visitors eye on your videos to get them subscribe and like your works

    FREE one month subscription to the research tool I use = $49

    We will give you free tubebuddy for 30 days license. this is what you use for your keyword researches.

    3. Support = $3,660

    FREE 30 days one hour 1-1 calls = $2,500

    Have 1-1 calls with our founder to address your worries until you hit your first $1000.

    FREE 1 year Access to an active and supportive community of Youtubers = $1,160

    Join others on this journey. Don't go it alone. Two is always better than one

    Another Unannounced bonus = priceless

    We cant wait to see you grab this bonus

    How Much Do You Invest?

    What You Get Instantly
    After Investing
    Your Channel is Set up for you
    You Get 5 Optimized Video
    You Get 4000 watch hours
    You Get 1000 subs
    You Get 30 Days FREE Tubebuddy Sub
    Discover How To Hit $1000 In Your First Month
    FREE Access To Archive Youtube Premium Courses, Tools & Support Worth $8,973
    If You Have 5 Videos with 8Mins+
    On Your Channel
    Have Videos?
    No /New Channel
    SAVE 46% Today. Price Goes Back On 25th

    Use Any Of Whatsapp, Telegram or Email Buttons Below To Chat Us for Any Issue You May Have. Ask any question. Please, Send instant message if you have ordered.



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