Google Guarantee


In Google Guarantee service, this is what You GET In This Services:

1. Help You Get Accepted In This Program

2. Help You Set Your Ads

3. Help You Get Highly targeted leads

4. Help you Monitor It

5. Help You Protest For Wrong Biddings

6.Help You Tweak It To Get More Leads For Less (Saving You More)

7. Give You Crystal Clear Report Each Sunday

8. Follow Up Clients Until They Become your customers

9. Make Professional Recommendations


What Is Google Guarantee Program or Local Services Ads? Google  Guarantee is an advertising program from google that make it easy for local business to get more leads. You only pay for leads and not clicks. For making investment with Google, Google screens you, give you trust badge, rank you on top of google result page when anyone search for you service in your locality. And Google guarantee your customers up to $2000 if they are satisfied by your services. See more here


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