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Looking For Instant Foot traffic, Sales And Customer Retention?

Whether you need Foot traffic, Sales and Customer retention on your restaurant, saloon, mechanic shop, any local business you have or want to expose your offer to targeted audience online, we are here to help. 

We get you buyers using Facebook  and Google ads then automate this process using SMSbot and Chatbot.  Let Artificial Intelligent work for you. Stop struggling with your business.

SMS & Chat Bots

Over 80% of SMS Sent  Are Read By Owners. 

Would You Like To Automate Your Marketing And Get Your Phone Do All The Marketing For You?

We help you develop your keywords and set up everything.

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Birthday VIP Club

Do you have a Birthday  VIP Club? Stats shows it more easier to sell more to someone that bought from you than a new customer.

We help you Find, Set up your Birthday VIP Club and market them forever as long as they remain with you.

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Email Marketing

Whether you have two customers or million of customers, you need a way of being in touch constantly with your customers.

That is where email marketing comes in. Both SMS & Chat bots and Birthday VIP club need email system to thrive.

We help you set up your email marketing system.

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What Do you want to Achieve On your Website?

We like clarity and pursue ONE DEFINITE OBJECTIVE at a time that create an ultimate lasting impact on the life of your site and drive the profit you are looking for. You will Get FREE ANALYSIS AND Consultation With Our Our Experience Founder and Team

Want To Dominate Google First Page?

We strictly follow best practices on white hat strategy that put smile on you. We guarantee you will appear on first page of Google or nothing. This assignment is very important to us because It is only when you win, that we too,win

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Sales Conversion Challenges?

It is one thing to bring traffic and another thing to convert them. Are you leaving any conversion at the table? Let us dignose your strategy for FREE

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Is Your Social Media Engagement Working?
Every business is unique. With the ever increasing customers demand, customers may prefer to engage you in a way you least expect. Let us help you develop unique social media strategy that produce real result for you
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Build Your Backlinks

We develop and build a strategic white hat backlinks for your website which boast  your website ranking. Enjoy High Authority Backlinks PR9-7 DA70+

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Looking For Traffic?

No traffic, no sales. If your site is traffic drought, how can you make the money you are looking for? Honestly, it is getting more harder in getting traffic. But there are still ways of doing it. Let's get the traffic for you.

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Content Marketing Strategy?

Many businesses make the mistake of copying and pasting contents. Search engines like google are strengthening their AI algorithms in this area. 

Let's Analyze Your Content Strategy
HOw To Get Started
Choose An Objective

Choose what you want to achieve above. Ensure, you give us every information that we will need to analyse your situation.

Diagnosis And Analysis

After you share what you want above, we spent time to thoroughly understand you and analysize every steps involve before taking any action.

Roadmap Delivered

We shall quickly come back to you with well thought out plan on how to terminate your problem for you. At this point, you will choose to move forward or find another solution.

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Trusted By Top Brands
Why choose Us

Give us a chance to work together. We believe we can deliver fast solution to your challenges. Here are some of the reasons many of our clients still work with us.

Operational Excellence

Many clients like you work with us because, we understand what they want and deliver exactly what they are looking for. No worries at all.

Our Guarantee

Take time to check out our guarantee to your work. This guarantee remove all the risk from you and place it on Us. We are glad to bear these risk because, we are at ease to honor our guarantee.

Team of experts

You are in safe hands of experts with multiple years of experience in this industry. You will be working with the best in the industry who knows their onions.

24/7 Support

Don't worry, we are here for you. All clients access superior first class customer support throughout the duration you work with us. We love to listen to our clients.

100% Satisfaction Or Nothing

Use us to achieve your satisfaction. We have inbuilt system that check for 100% satisfaction of our clients in every bit of the project we undertake.

Budget Friendly

We are budget friendly. While we will not compromise your satisfaction for the sake of your budget, we rather satisfy you with budget you provide. Here, Every dime on your project  is accounted for satisfactorily.

Projects Completed
Inhouse Experts
Years of experience

Delivered has promised! Our rankings have increased for key phrases.

Boab Avaenue
Boab Avenue Operation Manager

Team  was fantastic, the work was carried out efficiently and your communication was excellent. Will continue to work with you for our SEO services.

Adele Raymond
Adele Reymond General Manager

Excellent service, goes above and beyond what other providers would produce!

Brandon Manager

Most Frequently Asked Questions From Our CLients

What Is Big Fortune Digital?
Big Fortune Digital is a Top Digital marketing consultancy in Oregon. Our mission is to deliver a 10x customer caring experience to our clients or work for FREE. Big Fortune Digital boast of world class specialist in marketing, coding, and cloud solutions that you can rely on anytime. Give Us a try today
When Will I start To See Result Of Your Work?

Thank you for asking. It is a well known fact that search engines has millions of site to index and crawl each day. And it take a while to begin to see the result of your improvements. On the average, it will take 110-360 days for your work to start showing on search engine. But, all depends on kind of project. Your site can be earlier.

To ensure you are carried alone, we set your analytic console to monitor what we are doing on real life. For example, if we said we built 100 links, you will see it in your console.

How Much Do You Charge For Services?

Great question! At Big Fortune Digital, Money Is not everything. Relationship is. We are on a mission of being number one Digital marketing brand around the world.

Having said so, every customer is different. We have flexible system of billing which reflect average market rate per hour  for digital agency in US and Europe. But we promise not to break your bank account.

Why Should I work With You?
  • Experience; average years of experience of our industry for each member of the team is 4years.
  • Hot Guarantee; You have nothing to pay if we didn't deliver exactly what you wanted and we promised.
  • Excellent Support; We will be there with you until success appear.
  • check out more here
What Services Do Big Fortune Digital Provide?
  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing And Reputation management
  4. Traffic and lead generation
  5. Backlink generation
  6. Content Marketing
  7. Website Development
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Ecommerce Store Development(Prestashop, Shopify & Woocommerce)
  10. Ecommerce Marketing
  11. Mobile App Development
  12. Cloud solutions
How Do I Start with you?
  • Choose what you want to get solved
  • Get in touch with us using the any of Telegram, whatsapp or email button below
  • We  take it up from there. 
Do You Refund Money When Project fail?

Thank you for asking. YES, we do. If you are not satisfied with our work, kindly request for your money. It will refunded without any question asked.

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